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Harris County Texas - Administration Director

New Career Posting

 Administration Director

An Equal Opportunity Employer  

SALARY:  Depends on Qualifications  

OPENING DATE:  04/08/19  

CLOSING DATE:  05/08/19 11:59 PM    


About the Justice Administration Department:

The Justice Administration Director reports directly to Harris County Commissioners Court. The Justice Administration Department will strive to strengthen the well-being of Harris County communities by improving public safety, promoting fairness and equity, addressing racial and ethnic equity and inclusion, reducing the County's reliance on incarceration, and ensuring accountability within the criminal justice system.


What you will do at Harris County:

The position will rely on establishing trust, building consensus, and forming collaborative partnerships

with local criminal justice stakeholders to achieve desired results. The Director will be responsible for

providing oversight and coordination of quantitative and qualitative data regarding equity and equality

within the criminal justice system and use the information collected to shape strategic solutions.

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Criminal Justice Coordinator- County Manager's Office

Flagstaff, AZ Regular Full Time - $70,740.00 - $81,351.00 Annually Category: Corrections / Law Enforcement / Probation / Criminology Department: County Manager's Office

 Nature of Work

The Position:
The Criminal Justice Coordinator must possess the managerial ability, technical knowledge, and qualities of leadership to convene stakeholders of criminal justice programs, policies and procedures with partners across Coconino County. The Criminal Justice Coordinator is responsible for identifying new criminal justice programs, best practices, ideas, and new strategies that will positively impact the criminal justice system.  The Criminal Justice Coordinator will establish appropriate horizontal and vertical lines of communication to facilitate meetings involving municipal, county, state and federal agencies, and elected officials.  

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Employee Benefits

Coconino County offers a comprehensive employee benefits

package to regular employees working 30 or more hours per week that includes:

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